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Stress Management program is for the individuals who are facing stress. Stress is a fact of everyday life – but too much stress makes us ineffective and reduces the control we have over our lives as being difficult to handle or threatening every individuals are facing a lot of stress; to manage this we are bringing forth an innovative stress management technique which will give a greater effect on their career path and improve their results. “Love to Learn (LTL)” which leads to the level of “Stop Stressing, Start Living (3SL)”. The participants will come to know what stress is and will learn how to avoid it. They will also learn the memory technique to keep their brain activated all time which will be a great start in career point.


Thermal Biofeedback is a technique to control some of your body's functions, like your body temperature. The feedback of this analysis will bring in harnessing the power of mind and creates an aware of what is going on inside your body; this will help gain more control over your health. According to this feedback the individuals will be splinted up and they will be provided various remedies.