LAYERZ vision is to create a culture of exploring pupil for conventional education or customary education in a long-established customs of society tradition in education reform. “In thoughts, ideas and notes of an undiscovered genius”


LAYERZ mission is to bring the technology in educational field in kind of learning to be achieved by attaining the passion towards the correct paramount education. “There is a non-verbal, non-paper, non-discussion agreement on who makes it to the first”




Techie Teach


At LAYERZ, we are an enthusiastic and innovative team who aim to achieve new heights of success and glory. We are a group of geeks very passionate and committed to our work. As a famous saying “Opportunities don't happen. You create them”. We invite you to LAYERZ to create a bright future.

LAYERZ is a leading integrated technological company who has diverse interests and multifaceted personalities to provide various services in Education, Data & Tech Industries.

What we do??

LAYERZ INFOLOGIES is the leading integrated training company which provides innovative training across diversified domains in India. Education plays a vital role in each and every children life to create an imperative future. We make you understand the education in an easier way. As we are the top-notch technological company to provide various services in Education, Data and Tech industries. We work to equip your child and teach them in a balanced flexibility with accountability and tailored kids work to the individual needs and interests. We also believe in a powerful protective factor is a strong bond with a parent or teacher.